Why use the meeting scheduling tool?

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The meeting scheduling tool allows you to survey the availability of your attendees to a meeting straight away without having to go through an endless exchange of emails.
It’s easy to create a meeting and define possible time slots. These time slots will be submitted to your attendees by email. Then, each attendee simply indicates their availability on the time slots you defined. The information is centralized and you can see clearly which slots are best for all participants.
To set the final date of your meeting, the meeting organizer must click “Check availability” then select “Set the date” before validating.
Once the date is set, all participants receive an invitation email.

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If I delete a poll, will a notification be sent to the other participants?
If yes how can I do this without sending a notification? (I am trying here to reduce emails/alert…)

Also, be able to define time slots in “weeks” (or short period, 2/3days) not “days” would make this tool more powerful and usefull for me.

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When you delete poll, the others participants are automatically notified by mail and you can’t disabled this notification.

The following use case : define a meeting time slot within a short period of a few days or a week is a feature included in the Wimi roadmap and will be present in a future release of the solution.