What are the restrictions of Wimi Drive?

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Wimi Drive includes the following restrictions:

  • Workspace categories and workspaces may not be renamed or deleted from Wimi Drive (for security reasons)

  • Files and folders names have to be compatible with Mac OS and Windows (to provide interoperability between devices running on different OS)

  • Wimi Drive cannot run currently on an external drive or network drive (for technical reasons)

  • The size of files shared in Wimi Drive cannot exceed 2 GB

  • A workspace cannot contain more than 50 000 files and folders (beyond this it is recommended that you divide your documents into several workspaces)

  • The depth of your folder tree (folders > subfolders > sub sub folders > …) cannot exceed 9 levels

  • The file names can’t start or finish with a . can’t contain the following characters: / \ : * ? < > |

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