User rankings: what is the difference between Owner, General Administrator, Administrator and User?

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On Wimi, each user has a rank. Rank defines general privileges on the Wimi. Access rights to the modules are defined independently (see Managing access rights).

4 different ranks exist :

  • Wimi Owner: This is a super-administrator who can do everything on their Wimi. There is only one Wimi Owner. They alone can create or delete General Administrators.
  • General Administrator: a General Administrator has almost the same privileges as a Wimi Owner except that they cannot access/modify the “Plans and upgrades” section nor can they add or delete another General Administrator.
  • Administrator: an Administrator can create workspaces and can access only the areas to which they were invited or those they created.
  • User: A User can only see, access and/or participate in a workspace to which they are invited.

The various ranks are intended to reflect the hierarchy of your organization.

The following table summarizes the privileges of every rank:

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