Sync iCloud Calendar to WiMi

(Sam K) #1

Hi there,

Completely new to WiMi.
I do some freelance jobs on my days off and ‘annual leave’ days outside of my regular job.
I use Calendar on my mac at the moment to organise my family life, Regular Work Rota and my Freelance jobs.

I am ok using WiMi calendar to organise the Freelance bit to share with my customers and Suppliers. However I also want to be able to sync my Rota from Calendar on Mac to WiMi so that my customers and suppliers can tell when I am available for work or so that they don’t call me when I am at my regular job. (My employer does not take kindly to it) and also out of respect for my employer.

Is it possible to keep my Rota Calendar on my Mac and sync or export it to WiMi?

Thanks for any advice.

(arnaud.fievet) #2

Hi Sam,

You can synchronise Wimi Calendars with Apple Calendar using CalDav. Simply go in My account > My synchronizations to find the configuation settings for CalDav.

But first for your rota calendar, I sugest you to create Workspace Calendar directly on Wimi. Even More, I think this will be a better way to organize yourself by centralize all of your personnal calendar directly from Wimi.