Problem with Hotmail adresses

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All our users sets with an Hotmail mail adress never receive Wimi notifications. It works perfectly with other accounts.

(Alex Vecchio) #2

Thanks for the notification.
We are going to have a look at that this morning.

(Alex Vecchio) #3

We have tested notifications with an hotmail account and the email was received correctly.

Could you use that page to generate an email to the hotmail address and check if the email is received?

(please note that you might need to refresh the page if you need to send more that one email)

(Alex Vecchio) #4

We tried with an email address and found on that the message was moved to the “junk” messages folder. Could you check if the same happened for you?

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RE: Problem with Hotmail adresses

This item seems quite old; is it still active?

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