How to sync your Wimi calendars on your smartphone or tablet?

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You have two options to synchronize Wimi calendars on your smartphone or tablet:

The first option is read-only synchronization (Wimi to devices via WebCal)

From the calendar of a workspace or from the My calendars tab, simply send an email subscription link on your device.

After receiving the email, click on the subscription link. The calendar is now visible on your device.

The second option is read/write synchronization (via CalDAV)

Note: iOS devices allow the creation of native CalDAV account. For Android, you will need to install a third party application to be able to create a CalDAV account (eg Solcalendar). The synchronization of Wimi calendars via CalDAV allows you to access all your Wimi calendars directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can change your Wimi calendars directly from your device. The changes will be automatically synchronized on Wimi as well as on the devices of other members of your team.

Step 1: Collect your Wimi login for CalDAV

Go to “My Account” and click on “My synchronizations.” Here, you will find the information needed to create your CalDAV account on your device:

Step 2: Create the CalDAV account on your device

IOS, go to “Settings”> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”> “Add Account”, “Other”, “Add CalDAV Account” and enter your data synchronization.