How can I sync my Wimi calendars with my computer, smartphone or tablets (from Wimi to my devices or from my devices to Wimi) via CalDAV?

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CalDAV allows you to sync your Wimi calendars with your devices.
Mac OS (iCal) and iOS natively supports this protocol so you can have a full synchronization of your Wimi calendars for these devices.
Windows and Outlook are now also compatible with this method of bilateral synchronization between Wimi and Outlook.
On Android, you can download apps that make your smartphone or tablet compatible with CalDAV (e.g. Solcalendar).
You can choose which calendars you wish to sync via CalDAV from the “My synchronizations” section of your Wimi account.

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Pour Android, l’information est-elle à jour ?
Y-a-t-il maintenant (depuis la v6) une synchro bilatérale avec Google agenda ?

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L’information est à jour pour Android.
Pas de synchronisation bi-directionnelle pour Google Calendar.