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RE: CalFeed (Calendar) Empty

Using Google Calendars I had attempted to subscribe to a calfeed of one workspace two times. There are no problems creating the calendar nor seeing the calendar; however, there are no items within the feed. This is the 4th maybe 5th platform I been to with this issue. I feel Google changed their API since the last downtime two weeks ago.

Can anyone duplicate this to determine the point of failure:
_ Create a test workspace.
_ Create two test tasks

  1. All day spanning two weeks
  2. Spanning two weeks with a description start / end dates

_ In the workspace left menu choose subscribe

  1. Copy the webcal link
  2. Create a Google calendar using the link by URL
  3. Determine if the events and tasks appear.

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I have got the same problem last week. But its seems to be resolved on last Friday. The scheduled task or meeting appears after a few hours in my google calendar.

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I had noticed the items began showing in Google calendar. The time period from whence items begin showing seems (now universal with Google Calendar) about one day. The only thing I had done was

  1. Subscribe once again;
  2. I made the calendar public;
  3. Set items-default to private.

So, we’ll see what happens after this.

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RE: CalFeed (Calendar) Empty

The issue has been moved to Environment Management, Close and Release Phase. If a member wishes again, to examine the issue; pm to me a request, to be added this record (story.)

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